About Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories & Vet Path Services

 Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories (HSRL) and Vet Path Services (VPS) have merged to become the leading provider of GLP-compliant research and preclinical histology, pathology and specimen archiving services for the biopharmaceutical, medical device and contract research industries.
Established in 1999 and 2005 respectively, HSRL and VPS have long been regarded as two of the most well-respected sources of high-quality histology and histopathology services in the preclinical research and development market. By joining forces, the companies are able to build upon their equally robust and complementary portfolios of services, which include tissue analysis, efficacy determination for new compounds and devices, toxicological evaluation of products subject to FDA approval, detailed pathology reporting for GLP studies, medical device pathology and immunohistochemistry.  With this merger, HSRL and VPS operate three state-of-the-art sites in the US, with substantial continued investment in facility and technology infrastructure to meet the growing demand for high-quality histopathology services. The new combined entity has more than 20 board certified veterinary pathologists and over 50 laboratory technicians on staff supporting a unified commitment to quality, scientific integrity and customer service excellence.
To learn more about HSRL and VPS, visit www.hsrl.org and www.vetpathservicesinc.com.



HSRL is a privately-owned, small business with locations throughout Virginia and Massachusetts.  

The HSRL team consists of approximately 30 lab personnel, 5 full-time boarded veterinary pathologists, specimen storage professionals, a fully staffed Quality Assurance Unit, a trained necropsy team and multiple support staff. 

Meet The Team


On February 1, 1999 Tom Galati founded Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories and operated from a room in his home. He produced about 100 slides per week for the first year, and prepared everything by hand.


HSRL moved into leased space on June 1, 2002 and hired its first employee shortly thereafter. Wanting to take the company to the next level, we contracted a Quality Assurance auditor and developed a GLP program so we could market our services to larger biotechnology and drug discovery companies.


HSRL’s first FDA surveillance audit was performed in August 2004; no objectionable conditions were found and no 483 was issued. In September 2004, HSRL purchased a 9,000 square foot building in Mount Jackson, Virginia, completely renovated it for lab use and experienced continued growth.


In January 2005, HSRL purchased a 7,000 square foot building in Mount Jackson, Virginia, and renovated it specifically as a state-of-the-art archiving facility. HSRL Archives started accepting ambient, refrigerated and frozen materials in October 2005.


In May 2006 HSRL’s second FDA surveillance audit was performed, again with no objectionable conditions noted and no issuance of a 483. Realizing the need to offer pathology services, HSRL began offering GLP slide evaluation and pathology peer-review services in August 2006.


Our services expanded once again in March 2009 to include GLP necropsy supervision and prosector services.

With increased demand for our archiving services, HSRL purchased a warehouse with over 50,000 square feet of usable space.  With several large contracts committed for ambient storage, buildout of a highly secure GLP vault was completed in late 2014.

Because of the increasing requests from our current clients and industry leaders, HSRL brought immunohistochemistry, morphometry/image analysis and whole slide scanning in-house.


HSRL is a privately-held company of approximately 35 employees with multiple locations.  Offering necropsy, histology, immunohistochemistry, morphometry/image analysis, whole slide scanning, pathology and long term specimen storage. 

HSRL & VPS Merge to meet the growing demand for high-quality histopathology services in the research and pre-clinical therapeutics markets and includes growth equity investment from Ampersand Capital Partners.