Lab Services

HSRL's histology technicians consistantly prepare 4,000 slides per week in support of GLP and non-GLP studies.

We also offer on-site necropsy support, immunohistochemistry-both brightfield and fluorescence, morphometry/image analysis and whole slide scanning.

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Pathology Services

We provide microscopic tissue evaluation and pathology report generation for both regulatory and investigative projects.  

HSRL's pathology team is SEND ready and eager to work with you on your next GLP or non-GLP study.

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Specimen Storage

HSRL's staff has over 50 years of experience in GLP archiving.  

Our state-of-the-art archiving facilities encompass 60,000 square feet of available space and can accomodate all of your storage needs including: ambient, refrigerated and frozen materials.

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Has HSRL been audited by the FDA?
Yes, there have been four surveillance audits by the FDA and no objectionable conditions were found and no Form 483 submitted
How do we set up an account with HSRL?
We try to make it as simple as possible.  Normally, a client will have their purchasing department contact Renee Yoder of our Accounting Office at 540.477.4440 or at ryoder@hsrl.org.  Renee will help your purchasing department to get HSRL set up in your company's system.
What forms of payment are accepted?
You can send us a purchase order number and we can invoice you or your purchasing department directly OR you can pay with a credit card.
Does HSRL have a pricing schedule?

Each study is different and therefore provide custom price quotes depending upon your scope of work.  Our price quotes will include pricing and timeline and are usually sent to you within 1 day of your request.


Outsourcing all or part of your project is an important decision. Click to the right to schedule a time to discuss your needs with HSRL's laboratory director.

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