Pathology Evaluation and Report Generation

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  • Toxicologic pathology
  • Carcinogenicity: conventional and genetically modified animals
  • Animal models of disease
  • Small molecule and biologicals
  • Reproductive pathology

GLP Pathology Resources

  • Four board-certified veterinary pathologists on staff.
  • Pathology services can be provided from previously prepared histologic slides, or from slides prepared by HSRL's histology laboratory.
  • Xybion's Pristima software is used for pathology data management.
  • HSRL pathologists are also able to record pathology data using your pathology data capture system.
  • High quality photomicrographs can be taken, annotated, captioned and included in the pathology report upon request.
  • Pathology peer review of safety assessment studies.
  • Necropsy supervision is available on-site at your necropsy location.

HSRL is a proud member and supporter of the Society of Toxicologic Pathology and the American College of Veterinary Pathologists

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“HSRL has been serving as our go-to histopathology test site for our general toxicology studies for the past 10 years.  Their consistent high-level performance has earned our trust in their services.”

Director of Toxicology
Contract Research Organization

“HSRL is our vendor for multiple services.  They provide us with a wide range of assistance such as design consultation, onsite necropsy support, slide preparation and GLP pathology reporting.  We consistently receive service that meets our timelines and exceeds our expectations. ”

Toxicology Program Manager
Contract Research Organization

HSRL's dedicated pathology staff is second-to-none.

Meet The Pathology Team


Can your pathologist evaluate a study using our software?
Yes- HSRL's pathologists can read directly into your software if you so choose.
Can HSRL produce digital images for pathology reports?
Yes, we can provide high resolution digital images directly from slides.  Low and/or high magnification images can be generated, annotated and captioned for inclusion as an appendix of your pathology report.  You provide the input regarding how many pictures are to be taken, and which diagnoses are requested for representation in the images.
Does HSRL have the ability to provide any clinical pathology assessment services?
Yes, HSRL provides cytologic bone marrow smear examination and reporting, as well as review and interpretation of clinical pathology data.  

Working with a contract laboratory has never been easier.

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